Battery Bank, Battery Cabinet, Install Progression?

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Battery Bank, Battery Cabinet, Install Progression?

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>> Hi Sam, Can you give me some info for reading that is specifically
>> related to my first steps in preparing to install my system. I have
>> crawled all over the site reading through these posts every night
>> and I feel like I am getting pretty solid on what it's all about.
>> Thanks for posting all this stuff. There's nowhere else on the
>> web to learn all this stuff so quickly and easily, great site!
>> Thanks, Mike

Thanks Mike, I appreciate the compliments and that's the point of WindEnergy7 to me is support and education. I really try to make all my dealers overnight experts on this technology. Then they can represent the brand well and pay it forward to new customers and users.


Inverter ships first so you can prepare the battery bank and cabinet. The battery bank and cabinet, wiring, can all be completed and tested before turbines arrive and are a pre-requisite anyway. First link here is a doc showing the battery cabinet set-up for review. This doc is what you need to look over and start thinking about. This recent page is a draft of the new config in the manual which I will be sending. This is the important part to think about, plan right now.

Here's the standard battery cabinet that most of us have used.



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