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Can I get a VAWT, Vertical Wind Turbine?

Posted: Sun Jun 21, 2015 3:50 am
by admin
>> hi sam, I am looking for wind turbine generators for flat roofs. small vawt (similar
>> to the roof ventilator heads) I've seen them on some roofs driving around tucson
>> but haven't found any local distributors. I have an hoa to deal with and vawt has
>> to be low scale. thanks, bruce

Hi Bruce,

Don’t bother because VAWT Vertical Turbines will never produce meaningful power. If they did I would have them too. If you can’t go with a HAWT propellor type turbine like Opti-Volt7, just stick to the solar. Theres a reason those VAWT have never been used by a utility, because they don’t put out any power. All professionals know this, only the online fakers are selling that stuff.

In tuscon I can do you a better system using solar and you can still have emergency off grid capability if you like. Cost/Benefit just stay away from vertical turbines gfor sure. Just turning.. and actually driving a powewrful generator are very different things.