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Is a Battery Bank Necessary? Can We Not have Battery Bank?

Posted: Sun Oct 06, 2013 2:48 pm
by admin
>> Hi Sam, Is a Battery Bank Necessary? Can We Not
>> have Battery Bank or is that required?

You are probably thinking of a cheaper and less capable solar only system called a "straight grid-tie solar". We can sell you a less complete system called a straight grid-tie which has no wind capability and cannot run when the grid is out. So, with that system in case of a power outage or major catastrophic event you and your family will be in the dark like everybody else. And all during winter, cloudy days, and all night your system will do very little to no productivity.

Ill be glad to sell you a system like that if that's what you prefer. But I would like to have a good conversation so you understand why most customers want a Hybrid with Emergency Power. I sell many solar only straight grid tie systems and its no problem. But easily 95% of buyers decide on Hybrid with Emergency Power when given good, clear options and information.

WindEnergy7 is THE expert in three major types of systems, all require a battery bank. We invented the RoofMill which was the first home wind turbine kit and also the only successful roof mounted windmill in the world. We are pioneers in hybrid wind/solar and experts in emergency power and off-grid capability. This is what makes our systems and technology so much better than anything else. Our Hybrid Emergency Power systems have every possible feature and benefit in one system.

(1) HYBRID ENERGY - combining wind and solar together to get a much more reliable consistent charging system. Day/Night, Winter/Summer, your system makes power more reliably and consistent.

(2) EMERGENCY POWER - having energy security for your home, these systems can run your home when the grid goes out, if the grid never comes back, or even off-grid homes that have no grid to start with.

Now that said, if you want a solar only system, we can sell you a less complete system called a straight grid-tie which has no wind capability and cannot run when the grid is out. So, with that system you will just need to understand what it is and what it cannot do. I sell and install them just the same.

All reliable small wind systems require a battery bank. Also, any system that provides emergency power when grid is out requires battery bank. The battery bank is what provides for emergency power and also is required for small wind turbines for DC line conditioning because gusty wind and our responsive powerful wind turbines make very spikey uneven power. The battery bank is an important part of smoothing that out.

Battery banks are nothing to be afraid of. These battery banks are just like what you will find under the seat of a golf cart, or in a forklift quietly doing their task every day. Or think of it as a larger version of a computer battery back-up.. But for your whole house.

Trust this, the first time your neighborhood goes out of power and your neighbors are all in the cold, dark, silence with their food spoiling and no power to even charge their cell phones. They can't even see the news to know what's happening...

With my Hybrid Emergency Power systems you have your refrigerator running, well pump, lighting, sump pump, furnace blower, phone, internet, television, etc. You will be really excited with your investment in that battery bank and what it does for your your family's peace of mind. Battery banks are great and I can't think of a single customer who regrets having his battery bank with his system. NOT ONE.

On the other hand, I can recall the many customers who come to me for their second system. They had no battery bank in their first solar only straight grid tie system. They have lost power before, and realized how ridiculous it is to have an expensive green power system that cannot run at all when the grid is down. Guess what they seek after that owner experience? They want Hybrid, They want Emergency Power. They know very clearly why they want that capability, and I sell them a real, complete, hybrid emergency power system for their home. Happens all the time.