Can I Add a Turbine To My Solar Only System?

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Can I Add a Turbine To My Solar Only System?

Postby Rooftop Wind Turbine » Wed Feb 06, 2013 12:52 pm

>> I already have 3.2 kw of solar. I was simply looking to add a
>> turbine at this time. It is very difficult to find a single roof
>> mount turbine. I am sorry to hear you are discontinuing
>> the turbine only kit.

Hi Chris, We are still selling them for a brief time so that folks like you have a chance to buy before we stop selling them. Will probably pull them by mid Feb.

Of course for Solar Only systems that we sell, we will ALWAYS sell turbine upgrades for those systems of folks who are using a WE7 system and want to upgrade. We do trade-in upgrades, and bolt on upgrades to all our systems people buy from us. Thanks, Samuel H.

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