Hybrid Solar Panel Kits, What is your Cost and Payback?

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Hybrid Solar Panel Kits, What is your Cost and Payback?

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>> Hi Sam, Thanks for calling me back. Last Question. Whats the cost of
>> your RoofMill or TowerMill tower system? What size do I need? I realize
>> wind resources vary in the US but if you were to lay out the financial
>> payback for the average homeowner. Thanks! Bill

Hi Bill, It's a custom situation every install. WindEnergy7.com doesn't throw around estimated payback periods and output as a blanket expectation. We consult with each customer, carefully evaluating (THEIR SITE) as part of customer training and support of an actual sale support. Every customer site will be different and is deserving of an expectation that is suitable to their site, their purchase.

Publishing such general specs is a way of misleading customers. Years ago when I started this business I had so many competitors who would publish and sell by such nonsense. You know, there's only a couple left of all those competitors probably 95% are no longer in business. Their customers depend on me for upgrades, repairs, replacements etc. Those same failed businesses used to crack on me for not publishing those misleading specs. Here I'll try to give a pretty specific account of what goes into your actual yield and site variables that affect power yield.

First, one quick fact. I have not seen a single home in the USA that I could not power with wind and or sun and show an obvious good investment. So, if you aren't seeing it, ask me, or keep reading and following the info.

Geography Weather Resources: Example of my point above would be a guy in Ohio and a guy in Oklahoma, either would be mislead by seeing blanket estimates of each other. WindEnergy7 does not want to sell either one with the wrong expectation, high or low. We want to consult with each one, and ask about their site specifics and try to set reasonable expectations for each one. The guy in Ohio has less wind and less solar resources than the guy in Oklahoma. Ohio is good, but Oklahoma is truly outstanding wind and very good solar. So, for me to publish output of systems is truly misleading a buyer, and I am trying to educate and sell honestly.

Site Specifics: One guy might have trees all around his house, We won't even sell to him if it's not good for him. Or the roof orientation as compared to the predominant wind direction may be ideal.. or not. The site may have no place for solar panels to be southern facing. The site may be between 2 skyscrapers where there's no wind or sun. Can be apples and watemelons in comparisons. Companies will mislead people by casting general numbers, I don't want that at all. How would some general output numbers affect such a buyer, he would have been mislead.

Cost Specifics: Pricing is always set at our site at http://WindEnergy7.com and we don't allow our dealers to freelance pricing, cutting around on each other. We have sale pricing regularly, and over time our pricing has gotten better as well as our output improved.

System Specifics: Unlike competitors systems, the NEW Opti-Volt7™ Solar Only and RoofMill™ Hybrid wind/solar is the fastest evolving energy system there is. Like many great products, like say a Corvette, next years model will surely have more horsepower. Now, back to the published estimated output and payback, etc. If we publish that, and next year our same RoofMill™ system is putting out.. say 150% of the power the previous year. That blanket information becomes very unhelpful and inaccurate. So, if anyone is interested in a NEW Opti-Volt7™ RoofMill™, let's talk prior to the sale about....

Your site, Your Weather Resources, Your Electrical Costs, AND the current shipping NEW Opti-Volt7™ RoofMill™ systems output can all affect how the ROI on the investment goes.

TWO THINGS ARE SURE. One thing is that there is no other wind/solar system, a complete kit, as easy to install and as full featured as the NEW Opti-Volt7™ RoofMill™. RoofMill™ is an invention, a complete system with no parallel product. We invented the Home Wind Turbine Kit. We made it to be the best, most full featured, not the cheapest. People who want green energy at their home, this is it.

The second thing is that this is the best investment I can think of. It's secured in hard property asset and home improvement. It is sure to pay dividend virtually every minute from now on. The dividends are as sure as Wind will blow and Sun will shine. It takes two of your surest lifetime expenses and turns them into hard property.

Taxes, and Electric are a straight out expense that nobody gets a return on. Surely you don't think your government taxes are delivering you a reasonable return? Electric bills are like renting. Its a simple thing, just like renting a car or renting a home. Renting electric is just not as good an idea as owning, because owning, your payments are building property and net worth.

Ask yourself. If you took all your electric bills for the last 30 years.. What do you have to show for that in property? If you took several thousand dollars in taxes going to Washington.. How do you like what you get for that? OK then, hows that workin' for ya?

Make a change.

And, if not, you have a clear idea of what your next 30 years looks like.

My $.02
Anyone wanting a small wind turbine, fill out the contact form and I can connect you with the dealer for your area. There are still areas open in most states for new dealers but many counties and a few entire states are taken up and several people are saying they are going to get their territory. So, if you are interested in becoming a dealer fill out the same form and we can see if your area may still be open.

If you are ready to buy or wanting to see pricing and options of our systems,
click here.. Wind/Solar Store.
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