How do I become a Wind Turbine Dealer?

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How do I become a Wind Turbine Dealer?

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>> Hello, I want to know more about being a dealer. I have been looking
>> everywhere and have seen all the home energy solutions out there. I have
>> been shopping for over a year. I went to a green energy show and did not
>> see your products there. How can I become a dealer and why wasn't there
>> anyone with a display at the green energy show. Your products are better
>> than anything I have seen but you aren't going to shows?

Hello Mike, thanks for your comments. My dealers are the ones who will be doing shows and fairs, I am far too busy in manufacturing and development. I'm also a self financed company and as the inventor, I choose to put my resources into my current and next products. I believe that if my products perform well, and my support is good, that my dealers will do the rest. The product sells itself by work of mouth very well.

If you become a dealer, you can make home shows and green energy shows if you like. There are 4 videos on how the dealer opportunity works. Here's a link to the first one, will be links to 2, & 3 from each page to the other. ... -dealer-1/

Thanks for your interest in what I'm doing. The quality and feature of what we sell is a better deal than what others are selling out there. We would love to have you working with us there in Colorado. There are several counties available as territory there and you can get the dealership there.

Thanks, Sam
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