Bought DIY Home Made Wind Turbine

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Bought DIY Home Made Wind Turbine

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>> I just bought a home made kit from someone else, NOT
>> WindEnergy7, and it's still not working. So i got to ask
>> more questions for yours. Do you sell technical support
>> to help me get this home made system running? I got
>> parts and some plans but can't get it working.

Hello, Sorry, I get emails like this every day where people are getting ripped off by buying some cheap parts or DIY plans somewhere. Then, they can't make it work and find out they just bought parts, pieces, and plans for a failure. It's a shame. But, No, I don't support anyone elses systems because there's so many bad parts, pieces, and plans that it's a long shot to make some of this junk go. And that's what the term is for these among people who know.. "junkyard turbines". This is something that is fun as a science project, but unless you are in high school, you probably own your own house and want a REAL SYSTEM that actually delivers meaningful power SAFELY.

My systems are not a science project, or a junk yard eyesore thing that the neighbors will not like. We are selling real, finished, professional systems, not parts, pieces, plans. Then we support it and train people, to build a brand, an energy company. We support it to get installed, to run correct, to get permitted and to a level that the new owner can actually become a dealer or installer with confidence.

Sorry you got screwed into a bogus system from someone else. That's not what we sell and not what we are doing at WindEnergy7 LLC. I am selling COMPLETE systems designed with an intention to run 30 years on a home. You get what you pay for and no different with a home energy system and the people that come with it. If you find a systemn cheaper than WindEnergy7, guess what, you just found a system that (really is) cheaper than WindEnergy7.

Good luck with the science project. I wish you would have found us before you got into that. Best I can do is take your junkyard system in on trade. But there's not much value at all to those junkyard turbines, so I can't give you much.
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