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http://WindEnergy7.com has recently installed the most advanced hybrid home energy system in the US, the Home Wind Farm™. The system has a maximum power output of over 10kW. This Home Wind Turbine system features redundant charging capability, integrated wind and solar hybrid generation, emergency battery backup for the home and more. The videos in this playlist show one of our most recent installations of our Home Wind Farm™ systems. The Home Wind Farm™ system is an exclusive innovation of WindEnergy7 LLC, an Ohio based manufacturer of home wind turbines and solar electric products.’


Home Wind Farm™ comes in two options, The RoofMill™ and or the TowerMill™:.

The RoofMill™, pictured below, is for residential, urban, and suburban areas where it is too crowded to erect a tower, or permitting is too difficult. Many homeowners do not have enough land to erect a larger windmill tower. The RoofMill™ uses the roof as a wind collector and concentrator to take advantage of what is called the roof effect of wind as it accelerates and is concentrated going over a roof peak.

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The TowerMill™, pictured below, is a more conventional use of wind power using a freestanding, 30′ to 60′ steel monopole tower to put the WindEnergy7 wind turbine upon. Most customers purchasing a The TowerMill™ system have atleast a 1/2 acre lot or live in suburban and rural settings. As featured in the videos here it’s a big hit with Farmers and ranchers to power their remote homes, barns, and water pumping stations.

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Whichever system the customer prefers our turbines are built almost identically but are of different size and power output to fit a customers need and budget. We have COMPLETE systems starting at about $6500 and can configure systems large enough to power anything a customer or community could require. WindEnergy7 is a manufacturer of both wind and solar products, so we can accomodate all csale of wind or solar project that a customer may have.

Our 2 moving part turbines feature the elegant design that will last through the years of service. Where competitors have many, many parts prone to failure, our systems feature ElectroBrake™ speed limitation method and tried and true HardTail™ directional control technology which allow for the system to perform with less moving parts. The more moving parts a turbine system has, the more prone to wear and failure a turbine is.

Hybrid Wind/Solar Power: All out systems feature wind and solar together as Hybrid Energy Systems. Our Jumbo Solar Panel upgrades shown below put out 197 watts per panel and add the reliability of solar charging to the systems. These panels are 197 watts each and are WindEnergy 7 high output polycrystalline modules. In cases of low wind your solar power will continue to deliver energy.

Featured in the video above, the TowerMill™ is a larger tower mounted or pole mounted system that is a wind/solar hybrid energy system that puts out 4.0kW per unit. These Home Wind Turbines sit atop a 32′ to 60′ monopole tower. Customers can start with one or several. The Home Wind Farm concept allows a customer to step into this technology with a smaller investment and prove out their investment as they go.

The Home Wind Farm™ is another innovation and invention of WindEnergy7. The modular turbine array concept we pioneered allows for easy bolt on expansion to a system. A customer can add more power at any time whether they are using the TowerMill™, or the roof mounted RoofMill™.

WindEnergy7 pioneered the concept of multiple wind turbine arrays as an innovation of the US manufacturer. Home Wind Farm™ was initially used with another WindEnergy7 innovation, the RoofMill™, an invention of mounting smaller home wind turbines on a roof. The RoofMill™ won a green design contest on Earth Day 2010, an esteemed green design award.

Whether you need a TowerMill™, or a RoofMill™, WindEnergy7 systems are all designed as integrated hybrid wind/solar power. This is another innovation of WindEnergy7 LLC system design. Our Jumbo Solar Panels upgrades shown below put out 197 watts per panel and add the reliability of solar charging to the systems. Our great big WindEnergy7 high output polycrystalline modules are working in tandem making our system much more consistent and reliable at delivering energy every day. In cases of low wind your solar power will continue to deliver energy. Compared to a home solar only system, our wind turbines make power at night, on cloudy days, and when there’s heavy overcast storms. We have 4way™ Emergency Power which is another hallmark that makes a WindEnergy7 system better than any competing home energy system. With our systems you have 4way Emergency Power™ Wind. Solar, Battery Bank, and Grid as sources for power when you need it and your home will have power with or without the utility company. Since this Home Wind Farm™ features redundant systems, this home even has power if a turbine system were to get knocked out or fail, there are two complete systems that can each run without the other.

Contact us today to find out how we can provide a world-class system for your specific needs. We specialize in complete system design and installation, and don’t sell you a loose bunch of stuff to figure out on your own. WindEnergy7 LLC is your single source for harvesting energy from wind and solar. We have a nationwide network of local dealers and installers across the US.

To see more videos of our home wind turbines, go to — WindEnergy7.Com — and you can find info about becoming an owner, installer, or dealer of our rooftop wind turbine systems. There are still areas open for new dealers to become the local source for wind/solar systems. So, if you are interested in becoming a home wind turbine dealer fill out the Contact Form at — WindEnergy7.com — and we can see if your area may still be open for you to become the home wind turbine dealer for your surrounding county territory. You can buy a system online and we ship by UPS. You may become a wind generator dealer and or installer if you like, just fill out the Contact Form and let us know what we can do to help you.

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