GE Ecomagination

RoofMill™ Only Available at WindEnergy7-Com GE Ecomagination Commercial, for RoofMill™, if we win the GE Ecomagination commercial challenge for a contest to find the best home energy inventions out there. Become the local home wind turbine dealer in your local community. WindEnergy7 has a dealer and installer network in more than 30 states all across the US.

WindEnergy7, an Ohio based manufacturer and inventor of wind and solar home energy products has put their hat into the ring.

My hope is that this becomes the.. GE RoofMill™ or similar and is picked up or sponsored by a company who can help me go to the next level. WindEnergy7 Reviews. I have developed the best home energy system there is and would like to bring the cost down by higher volume. Think about it.. GE RoofMill™, pretty cool. Or really any other large company who has appliances or home improvement products. Maybe… Whirlpool RoofMill™, Kenmore RoofMill™, MayTag RoofMill™, Square-D RoofMill™, Amana RoofMill™, Lowe’s RoofMill™, Sears RoofMill™, Home Depot RoofMill™. – – – Can you name a better new product for Home Energy and there is No Equal Product, I invented the RoofMill™. Best thing to me is that I am taking it to market all by myself and the idea and product is so good, so right, that I am exporting worldwide already and installed all over the US. Most fun I have ever had in my life!

I have about 4 years of hard work in this system and the success of it is more exciting every day. Last year I won a Green Design Contest on Eath Day. A major electronics supplier awarded the prize to the RoofMill™ and it was a great thrill. When I started developing this a few years ago, I must say, people thought I was crazy. This was before Obama’s election, before T Boone’s commercials, home wind power was not on anyone’s radar. At one point I sold my car for more seed money to realize my project. That was about four years ago.

It definitely is better than any other small wind turbine or home solar system out there and there’s nothing really comparable. Yes I am biased but have spent about 20 hours a day for about 4 years now making sure I have the best small wind turbine kit. People who really look at all the options and systems out there can see it like you and I can. Myself, a few years ago when I decided I wanted to power my house with wind, all that was out there was towers. Towers are cool, but my home was on a 60 foot residential suburban lot. NO WAY a tower was going in there, not an option. – – – Isn’t that true of probably 80% of America’s homes and businesses? So, it had to be on the roof and I was amazed that no-one had done that and succeeded at it. As I looked at all the failed methods tried I saw nothing like what I already had in my head. I realized that every method tried were bad ideas. My Grandfather and Uncle were contractors and my Dad a rancher. I grew up building things and already knew what a good design would start like. Nothing others tried was good design so far, just bad ideas sure to fail were out there. Noise and vibration plague every other previous design.

The invention was born. The great name and marketing thoughts came much later and thus the RoofMill™ trademark. Of course that played into the TowerMill™ trademark which both were painfully obvious like any good brand name. Anyway, it is so encouraging and reinforcing when folks like you see it too, and tell me it looks good to them too. I love my invention and I especially love to train people to install it and see it working on their homes. I have powered several things like weekend cabins off-grid and they had no power except the RoofMill™. I have had new homes put in my system rather than run utility power to their property. WOW. What fun to go from an idea to fruition like that in a few years. – – – – Unlike many ideas on here I already have a patent pending, I have solid manufacturing in place, I have smart branding, strong internet presence, international exports FROM AMERICA, installations and wind turbine dealers coast to coast. This is a great idea but it’s also a ready and successful product. WindEnergy7 is a company that is instantly scaleable and is currently profitable and in the black ink. It has one decision maker and I own it 100%.

These systems are only available from WindEnergy7-Com or one of their local dealers. For more information, or to become a customer, dealer, or installer, go to the site at and fill out their Contact form to find out about becoming a wind turbine customer, installer, or wind turbine dealer.

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13 Responses to “GE Ecomagination”

  1. IsaacB5679 says:

    Very cool, can’t wait. I sent in my application to the power company yesterday

  2. pinetar100 says:

    learned a lot from watching your videos .when spring rolls around i am thinking about a small system. every thing heavy duty. like it !! thanks

  3. Mark-o says:

    the pma is not harmed by sun or rain ,it’s made for the elements.

  4. KasinH says:

    Thanks for the info.

  5. DDan8oo says:

    Looks like quality stuff. I live in the Arizona sun and it will destroy everything! I saw these were all weather systems though and look much more well made than anything else I have seen on the net.

  6. junexdgryt23 says:

    thanx for the video. Just wana know what are your blades made of?

  7. TheDude says:

    I am torn with my new place I am surrounded by 80ft pines and refuse to cut them down, but a wind gen would help so much with power generation, I just cant do it.

  8. econolodgeohio says:

    Thanks for the video, your stuff is great.

  9. jelahi says:

    Hello, The balancing they are doing is considered precision balancing. That’s why the WindEnergy7 System holds up so well and doesn’t vibrate like others.

  10. fearless says:

    pretty simple here, others sell unsafe junk,you sell products you stand behind. The products that they sell can’t stand up for themselves. That’s why they sell parts, so they can step away from failures, WindEnergy7 doesn’t sell parts because they sell systems that work. And so what if you make profits…That’s the whole point of being in business I thought. I have looked at numerous turbine manufactures, and at least I can afford to dabble into wind energy with WE7 and I can be comfortable that it’s safe and reliable hardware!

  11. Wrick says:

    Thank you for the great invention, your attention to detail shows us all that your WindEnergy7 products are made with quality. So glad you warned me about the vertical windmill that don’t produce well. From reading they almost had me buying that. Makes sense why therev has never been a vertical in a commercial wind farm.. They don’t produce as well. Thank god I called you.

  12. Bean says:

    Wow my system is cranking today. It’s been windy here all week!

  13. Hankoff says:

    I would never buy that ebay junk. Buy good stuff from WindEnergy7, You can see the 1/4 Ohio Steel in these systems and they come with Engineers Certification in Every State that they will hold up to 130 mph wind. Nobody on ebay or anywhere else is going to have that kind of engineering and quality. This is going on your house. These systems are made to take on the wind and not bend like the junk others sell. This if professional stuff froim WindEnergy7, patented technology, NOT home made hobby.

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