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These Products ONLY Available At: WindEnergy7-Com – We invented the RoofMill™ rooftop home wind turbine kit and it’s only available from our company or one of our dealers. This video shows our home windmill generator kit in the ice and snow, heavy winter conditions. Like all other conditions, our sturdy all-weater systems hold up to any weather and just keep making green energy for your home. As shown in the home windmill generator video, these home windmill generator kits keep spinning in heavy snow and ice during winter.

With the rising costs of today’s electricity, many homeowners are motivated by free electricity. With the current environmental situation, many home windmill generator buyers are motivated by the clean renewable energy, reducing pollution and carbon footprint. In todays economy, many are motivated to save money, living off their free electricity and these home windmill generator jobs are important. There are people selling and installing these new home windmill generator kits for WindEnergy7.com all across the US.

WindEnergy7 LLC, The Home Windmill Generator manufacturer, located in Ohio, has a owner/dealer opportunity for people to get a system and become the local home windmill generator dealer. Home windmill generator jobs are created for local installation and sales in each community where the home windmill generator kits are adopted and sold. Contact us by filling out a contact form and we will refer you to someone who can help provide you with information on buying a system or becoming a dealer.

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