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Home Windmill Generator and Birds

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

Home Windmill Generator and BirdsI have had home windmills at the ranch and these days I have 3 home windmills on my roof. They are the RoofMill product from WindEnergy7. I have never seen a bird death from a windmill. Our home windmill systems are now installed from Hawaii to Massachusetts, Europe and Canada. I have yet to have a single report from a customer, dealer, or installer about a bird death from my systems. I am sure I will at some point. But it’s a pretty solid fact that I rely on when people ask me about birds and wind generators. I am very comfortable in assuring them that it’s fine.

See this video below, check it out. Those trees are packed with nests and I have baby birds everywhere. I have feeders and bird houses front and back of my house. You can hear in every one of my videos that I have birds everywhere. They don’t mess with the windmills, they fly right around them but steer clear. Birds are very cautious and agile animals.

One wind energy expert was quoted.. “It’s easy to compare wind farms and wind turbines unfavorable to nothing.”  But if you actually take all the major threats to birds, wind turbines pale in any comparison.

Studies show that the big utility scale turbines kill one to two birds per year, per turbine, on average.  Scientists like the ones of the Audobon Society have concluded that the issue of studying birds and home wind turbines is so insignificant that it is not worth studying.

I have three home wind turbines at my home and have yet to see a bird that is stupid enough not to stear clear of it.  Birds are agile and aware as part of their instincts.  Ever put out a harmless new bird feeder?  A bird lover will know that birds are cautious, careful. I know, I have bird houses and feeders front and back of my home and love to watch the birds every day. They provide great amusement for my 2 cats. :)

Most important to bird lovers is these two facts which offset any concern they have.  

(1) The Wind Energy is replacing Coal Mining, Uranium Mining, Oil Exploration, Burning of Fossil Fuels and much greater habitat destruction.

(2) All other forms of energy are worse for the birds than a wind energy for the air, water, trees, and resources that are important to the birds.

This is why the National Audobon Society endorses responsible wind energy.  See for yourself.

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