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Wind Resources In Florida, More Solar?

Posted: Wed Jul 28, 2010 12:26 am
by Rooftop Wind Turbine
>> I am interested in your hybrid solar/ wind systems and wondering
>> how affective it would be in my geography. I currently live in Seminole
>> county Florida. The climate of our average days range from full sun
>> and dead still air to thick clouds, high winds and storms. Looking
>> forward to your response. Thanks Anthony

Hello Anthony,

Coastal wind always does well and your solar is VERY good. You are a bit inland and so if you are not waterfront, I would be configuring a hybrid system with one turbine and extra solar as compared to other 50/50 balanced systems. That will do very well there because solar is more prominent and we play to that strength.

Wind comes and goes anywhere. The yield is average over time and so all sites have still weather and even whole days with no wind, that's normal. That's why we only sell hybrid power because it allows us to balance a system to the strength of the site and will charge more consistently day in/day out.

I don't sell wind only systems but I will sell a solar only system in some situations. You could go all solar if you like. We do sell complete systems for Solar for Home and Business Power. BUT, I recommend some wind power unless you are nested in tree cover or your site or area is just not good for wind. Think about it, is it always sunny when you have a storm and the power goes out? Nope. But it's always windy in stormy weather. Wind is always there and productive when you need it the most.
Samuel Hargis
President & CEO - WindEnergy7 LLC