Can I Add To the Home Wind Turbine System

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Can I Add To the Home Wind Turbine System

Postby Rooftop Wind Turbine » Sat Sep 04, 2010 8:35 am

>> Can you add to it? Thx Shawn

Yes, it has a 2400 watt inverter for additional capacity, the grid tie option on that home turbine kit has almost 3600 watts.

It would only be using 850 with that system, allowing lots of expansion and upgrading.  All my systems are made for easy upgrading. I can sell you compatible proven upgrades to build it up as far as you like. Step by Step.

If you upgrade and build on, need to buy upgrades from WE7 that are proven compatible. I will not support or warranty systems when users start adding their own parts. There's a long history of systems not performing when a user starts freelancing his upgrades. Many good systems have been ruined by putting mix match parts together.

FYI: there's a reason I only sell complete systems that are proven to work. It's because of all the other people selling parts and pieces that don't work. Then, they blame the user. My systems are systems and I back them up. So, I can't support a warranty when the config. goes freelance, more than 50% chance the system will be ruined and I'm not supporting that, it's not fair.

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