Turbines Spinning Backward, Maybe Installed Wrong?

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Turbines Spinning Backward, Maybe Installed Wrong?

Postby Rooftop Wind Turbine » Fri Aug 13, 2010 9:31 pm

>> My turbines are running like a top right now. But it looks like
>> they are spinning backwards, counter clockwise. I was thinking
>> that when set up in garage playing around, they spin clockwise.

>> Could my electricians have put the blades and rotor on backwards?
>> How can I tell?

... Doh! Just kidding. It's fine I am 99% sure. The blades spinning fast sometimes appear to be spinning wrong way. Like watching a wagon wheel, there's a optical illusion that it spinning backwards sometimes.

Turbine has design features to avoid this potential problem. The rotor has a tapered hole, the shaft and is tapered. I am not where I can see one but I think that if you try to put it on backwards the nut will not go on the shaft. I definitely know it would be woddling too because the shaft and rotor would not be snug fitting with that tapered effect running opposite directions.

Additionally the blades have a notch at one corner where they fit onto rotor. That notched corner keeps you from putting it in backwards. Ontop of that, one side of each blade has a little nipple that keeps it from laying down right if you tried to put it on upside down, it would sort of teter on that nipple and you would see it's not laying down and fitting right.

These design features help counter a bad assembly like you are scared of. So, I am quite sure it's not on there backwards. Ontop of all that the WE7 turbines do all turn counter clockwise if you are standing in front of rotor.

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