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Home Wind Turbine Buyer's Guide

Posted: Mon Jun 08, 2009 12:32 am
by Rooftop Wind Turbine
Pictures of Recent Home Turbine Install
Most of the pictures that I have published are of rooftop wind system installation done recently. Some are featured in newspaper articles and so forth. But the videos are the best thing to see as they really show you what it's like to have a home wind turbine installed and running.


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Massachusetts Grid-Tie Home Wind Turbines Installed
Oklahoma Install, One Turbine Wind Only Rooftop Wind Turbine
Small Wind Turbine Kit, Installed in Oklahoma
Rooftop Wind Turbine Kit Install, Indiana
Pictures: Twin Turbine Rooftop Wind Turbines
Pictures: One Turbine Wind/Solar Hybrid With Tower
Pictures: One Turbine Wind Only Rooftop System

Government Tax Incentives, Credits
Our Wind/Solar Hybrid systems are qualified for government tax crdedits of 30%. So, for your investment made in these systems the government tax incentives are 30% within one year that you get back from the IRS. So, basically the government will pay for almost 1/3 of your investment made in your new home energy system.

Improvement in Home Or Property Value
Of course that's not all, as soon as your system is up, you have improved your home value by atleast an equal amount of the investment. Your green energy home is more likely to sell than others with no home generation or emergency power system. Think about it. Look at homes for sale.. Can any of them generate their own free electricity, how many can compete with such a solid green energy capability like your home has. It's an attention getter and will bring people to see what it's about if you ever need to sell, your home has a dramatic edge.

Free Green Power
In addition to your home's improved value, 30% government incentive, you will get free reliable electricity every day. The systems are designed for reliable power output for the next 30 years or so. With every increase of the utility company power your investment gets better all the time. Utility costs are rising all over and will accelerate over the next few years.

Wind Only, or Wind+Solar?
First options in choosing your kit are, wind only, or wind AND solar. You'll notice that in the name description and the model numbers wind/solar, or WS, means kit has solar panels in kit. Having a hybrid wind AND solar system is really going to make it a more consistant green energy system. If you're on a budget, get the wind and you can always add solar later, we will always help you upgrade these systems, it's all based on low price point to get into home power. We can't all afford a giant windmill or solar system, these are affordable. Below is a graph showing the weather cycles of wind/solar and why wind/solar hybrid is so much better than solar only, or wind only systems.


How Much Energy & Budget
The kits scale up by adding more wind and solar, from 1 turbine to three turbines. If you want a config that isn't listed, Call and I can direct you to a page to purchase larger systems. I actually recommend the smaller systems in most cases because my systems are so easy to add on another unit later, very modular, clear upgrade path. We have configures systems up to 6 turbines in a system, so that's up to 5.1 KW or 5100 watts of hybrid power...

Grid-Tie or Off-Grid?
Grid-Tie is more costly but you can tie directly to the home's panel and power goes TO AND FROM the grid. You can actually run the meter backwards, selling Excess Generation to the local utility company. More cost and red-tape, but a really nice way to go if you have the time and budget
to work it out. Grid-Tie Forum

Off-Grid is a way to get started easier, quicker, with less cost and red-tape. Personally, I run Off-Grid because it's so much more economical to build and add to my systems. Additionally, my local Utility does not pay fair prices for my power and it's not a very fair deal for me to go to all that expense. ALSO, You can always upgrade to Grid-Tie later and it's all easily upgradeable anytime. So, I recommend the Off-Grid cheaper systems for starting out. Off-Grid Forum

Here's a link of some pre-sale questions that you may find helpful .

This next page reads like a FAQ for the turbines and has many questions and answers listed. It's an easy to browse index of things to read about, mostly Q&A. This at WindPowerForums.Com

We are now present in over 30 states with our owner/dealer group. All you need to do to be qualified to be a dealer is to become an owner, go through install and operation of your system. I will spend enough time with you to help you be able to represent the products well. With an install there's all the free phone support and training it takes, usually it's 4 or 5, 1 hour conversations before your system even goes in. So, if you don't know about it, don't worry, I will train you about these system from end to end so that I can have your help selling them, it's grass roots. Here's a link to see our dealer information video about becoming a small wind turbine dealer

We have Yard Signs, Car door Magnets, Business Cards, T-Shirts, Baseball Hats, Postcards, and Brochures, soon to be avail. for dealers to order from the site.

I'm available by phone to talk about the systems if you need pre-sale consult. Call if you want to talk.

We have several different options starting at $2990 and going up from there. Each linked system has a list of what's in it if you click into the pages. Here's list of systems and links to purchase.
Purchase With Credit Card Here

There's so many folks have been considering and thinking over a system, so I just wanted to give fair chance. Many calls are starting to catch me on phone with others. If you call and want a system, I will get back to you and talk about what you need and what we can do. Please fill out our Contact Form at the website, our system will automatically send you information and provide our contact info.

Small Wind Turbine Buyer's Guide

Posted: Mon Jun 08, 2009 9:35 am
by Rooftop Wind Turbine
Turbine, Wind/Solar Buyer's Guide

Twin Turbine Rooftop Wind Turbines, Michigan
Illinois One Turbine Wind/Solar Hybrid With Tower
Oklahoma Install, One Turbine Wind Only Rooftop Wind Turbine
Small Wind Turbine Kit, Installed in Oklahoma
Rooftop Wind Turbine Kit Install, Indiana

Anyone wanting a small wind turbine, fill out the contact form and I can connect you with the dealer for your area. There are still areas open for new dealers but county territories and entire states are being established now, a few states completely established. So, if you are interested in becoming a dealer fill out the same form and we can see if your area may still be open.