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IsAnHero   (4 Years Ago)
my rabbit is horny
spawnofagod   (4 Years Ago)
im going to get a prostitute, when i finish on her in 45 seconds flat and get back, this better be a top comment.
Andreas Aune   (3 Years Ago)
The first 22 seconds of this song is great, the rest is fucking crap...
tiddles1992   (4 Years Ago)
GermanBasslinez1   (4 Years Ago)
OCBMX1   (4 Years Ago)
AwesomeLiquorice   (4 Years Ago)
Pendulum - Tarantula ? : D
TheExecutioner007   (4 Years Ago)
@MrDubstep5 on my keyboard it pauses and plays music letting u hear the guy say i am the mantis in slow mo
dkboi69   (4 Years Ago)
this sounds like optimus prime snorting crack
LazerFangs   (4 Years Ago)
My subwoofer just filled out a rape report.
LAGirlFriend   (3 Years Ago)
I wanna use this on one of my Mantis videos!! Can I with credits on you or what? Pleeeeazzzze
MeganLyksCookies   (4 Years Ago)
@cumbucketyum dude my screen shook hahaha :D
funkyshade   (4 Years Ago)
@thedevman24 i used both and my penis exploded.
ICanShuffle760   (3 Years Ago)
Watch out , we have a bad-ass over here.
sasan8800   (4 Years Ago)
sometimes the comment about dubstep are so stupid
SuperYash2012   (3 Years Ago)
idc abt ur shit ...keep barking
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